At Elite Caregivers United, our goal is to help our client’s transition back to their daily lives as quickly and as comfortably as possible. Our team shares the desire to provide a “Higher Standard of Care” to those we serve. The founders of Elite Caregivers United are industry professionals with more than 67 years’ of combined experience serving the needs of the healthcare community with extensive knowledge and insight into the industry.

Our focus is on optimizing patient outcomes and providing each patient with the best experience possible. At Elite Caregivers United, we share a passion for excellence. Our team is available 24/7, including weekends and holidays. We are proud to offer same-day service, as well as weekend evaluations and assessments.

Why Elite Caregivers United?

We believe everyone deserves to thrive where they are, but they can’t do it without the proper care. That’s why we do what we do. As Orlando’s premier home care team, we have the ability to handle everything from respite care to simple grooming tasks for our clients. Most importantly, we provide companionship. We’re there to cover when resources and energy are running thin so that you and your family can thrive. Browse our home care services today.
Elite Caregivers United is proud to serve a large number of cities around the Orlando, FL area. A full list of cities can be viewed on our About Us page.