Elite Caregivers United provides a variety of Orlando-based Personal Care Services through our knowledgeable and experienced CNA Team. CNAs provide a “higher level of care” that includes assisting with the activities of daily living (ADLs) — giving you additional peace of mind and providing your loved family member the dignity and comfort he or she deserves in the comfort of their own home with the best Caregivers in the business. We can create a customized plan of care that meets your loved ones needs with one or more of the following personal care services:

Vital Sign Checks

Vital signs are objective measures of physiological function that are used to monitor and serve as a basic communication tool about patient status. For example, fever is an important sign of illness in older people. As you age, your vital signs may change, depending on how healthy you are. They are also an important general measure of health, so routine monitoring can make Caregivers aware of potential problems in advance of more telling outward symptoms and our experienced Elite Caregivers United CNA team can help identify and communicate these to you and/or your health care professional.

Weight & Nutrition Management

Aging, Nutrition, Exercise & Safety – Good health is possible for many older people who follow certain guidelines. These include proper nutrition, especially regarding protein levels, regular check-ups, treating common risk factors and paying attention to personal safety in and around the house. Meal preparation and nutrition is something your Elite Caregivers United team of Orlando can deliver.

Bathing and Hygiene

For many health and social reasons, good personal hygiene is very important. Our Orlando in-home personal caregivers are specially trained in bathing, personal hygiene and other personal care services and always focus on preserving the dignity, comfort and health of each client.

Walking and Mobility

We recognize that our clients can benefit both physically and mentally from regular movement. Our Elite Caregivers United team carefully consider the physical limitations and comfort of each client’s ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, and make other routine movements as they assist them.

Transfer and Posture

In addition to helping our clients with regular movement around the home or around town, our local personal care services also concentrate on making sure each client maintains proper posture for eating or while sitting, reading, using their iPad or watching TV. This helps with digestion and circulation. We can also assist with helping clients get in and out of bed or the bathroom to help prevent a fall.

Continence and Toileting Care

We offer the best Orlando home caregivers you will find. Our team members are even trained and experienced in assisting with urinary and bowel care. We understand the role that toileting care can play in a client’s comfort and dignity both at home and in social settings.

Adequate Nutrition, Special Diets and Meal Preparation

According to the National Institutes of Health, eating a well-planned and well-balanced diet of foods daily has numerous benefits for seniors. A healthy senior diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, bone loss and even some types of cancer. In addition, proper senior nutrition also helps reduce high blood pressure, can lower cholesterol, and can build up your body’s ability to manage some of the chronic conditions or illnesses you may already have.

Eating a healthy diet also provides increased mental capacity and higher energy levels, helping you feel better overall and live longer and stronger. Adequate nutrition is necessary for health, quality of life and vitality. Unfortunately, poor nutrition can easily be mistaken as an illness or disease.

Healthy eating provides seniors with numerous health benefits. Here are 12 reasons why seniors you love should get the nutrition they need:

  1. Greater energy and improved feeling of well-being by providing the body the calories needed to get through the day, appropriate to activity level
  2. Greater longevity
  3. Strengthened immune system and protection against illness
  4. Reduced mood swings and depression
  5. Better mental focus
  6. Reduced risk of high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  7. Lessened risk of diabetes
  8. Strengthened bones through prevention of bone loss
  9. Decreased risk of some forms of cancer
  10. Improved cardiovascular health
  11. Greater control of weight by concentrating on nutrient-rich foods that are more filling than empty calorie foods that lack essential vitamins and minerals
  12. Improved digestion and regularity, through consumption of whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables and drinking more water.

We work with clients and families to plan and prepare customized meals according to the specific needs of our clients and their diet restrictions. This can include shopping for special diets (diabetic, low-sodium, low-fat, etc.) and working to fix your favorite dishes just right. Our CNA caregiving team just happen to be outstanding cooks as well!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, or are ready to get started.