Proper rest and nutrition is important to restore strength and mobility after any surgery or hospital episode. After your senior parent or loved one recovers from Orthopedic Surgery – a total knee replacement, a hip, or a shoulder procedure – it’s vitally important that they carefully follow their doctor’s orders for rehabilitation and strength conditioning. The exercises for strength and range of motion must be performed on the prescribed schedule to avoid continued weakness or even loss of function. This maximizes good surgical and patient outcomes.

While our caregivers don’t provide rehab services, we do assist with transportation and scheduling of rehabilitation appointments, fall prevention techniques, medication reminders and deliver proper nutrition via meal preparation. This home help aids in the recovery process, leads to improved patient outcomes, and overall patient satisfaction resulting in faster recovery times. Our team of Orlando in-home caregivers also can take your loved one on regular walks if needed for their recovery or offer friendly reminders to do their home Rehabilitation exercises.

We can create a customized plan of rehabilitation care & assistance that meets your loved one’s needs with one or more of the following home health care services:

  • Hourly assistance to around-the-clock care
  • Coordination and scheduling with therapists and specialists
  • Medication reminders for treatment and prevention
  • Fall and injury prevention
  • Change in condition alerts
  • Transportation and scheduling of MD appointments
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing and personal care

  • Housekeeping, meal preparation and nutrition
  • Prescription drug pickups
  • Assistance with ADL’s (Activity of Daily Living)
  • Housekeeping, meal preparation and nutrition
  • Help with bathing, dressing and personal care
  • Consistent (24/7) family communications with your Elite Caregivers, via call or text — whichever is most convenient.