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Caretaker and patient

Personal Care Services

Elite Caregivers United provides a variety of Orlando-based Personal Care Services through our knowledgeable and experienced CNA Team. CNAs provide a “higher level of care” that includes assisting with the activities of daily living (ADLs) — giving you additional peace of mind and providing your loved family member the dignity and comfort he or she deserves in the comfort of their own home with the best Caregivers in the business. We can create a customized plan of care that meets your loved ones needs with one or more of the following personal care services:

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Vital Sign Checks

Vital signs are objective measures of physiological function that are used to monitor and serve as a basic communication tool about patient status. For example, fever is an important sign of illness in older people. As you age, your vital signs may change, depending on how healthy you are. They are also an important general measure of health, so routine monitoring can make Caregivers aware of potential problems in advance of more telling outward symptoms and our experienced Elite Caregivers United CNA team can help identify and communicate these to you and/or your health care professional.